From Best-Selling Paranormal Romance 
Author Jade Alters

Discover what happens when these undercover shifters find their fated mates...

 And the lengths they’ll go to claim them…
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"I've read so many shifter romances and this book has hit my top 7 favorites." - Sam Moore 
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The author.
Honestly, he might be right 😂

But here's the deal, this special offer is  only available directly from me. 
The author.
"Loved the heroine, she was a total bad a$$. Loved that she was independent, and accepted the hero. Some parts of the book had me laughing out loud."

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Main Series Tropes:
  • Hidden shifters
  • Wounded alpha heroes
  • Forced proximity
  • Matchmaker
  • Strong heroines
  • Opposites attract
  • Fated mates
  • Single dad
  • Small town
“I recommend this book to anybody who likes romance and shifters. It is a must have in your Kindle reader."

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"Very suspenseful, sexy as hell and I loves every minute. I could not put this one down and had to force myself to stop reading and get some sleep."

“Holy shiznet!!! What a gr8 story.”

"I couldn't put the book down; even read straight through my lunches over the past 2 days."

"I loved the storyline and characters, they pulled you into their lives and kept me glued to the see what happens next."

Read an excerpt:

As soon as I stood, he shifted back into a man. A smoking hot man. 

I caught a glimpse of his bare shoulders as he pulled on pants and a t-shirt. 

From the back, he looked great in a pair of track pants. Luckily for me, him being a bear meant I didn’t have to imagine what he looked like with nothing on at all.

I glanced up at the damp ceiling. “A cave? Do you hibernate?” 
He glared at me. 

I laughed. I couldn't help it. “You have a cave. Like a real bear.”

“I get it.”

“Do you get a lot of bear jokes?”

“No one knows except my unit. They’re shifters too. So no, it’s not funny.” He said that, but he didn’t seem pissed. 

“So, if wolf shifters are called werewolves, are you called a werebear?” I fanned my face as I snickered. “Sorry. I think I’m delirious.”

He shook his head. “My CO calls us Carebears when he’s mocking us during training.”

He didn’t laugh exactly, but he did make a small huffing sound. Close enough. So he did have a sense of humor. Maybe it was just buried deep. 

He lit several lanterns that hung from the cave wall with a lighter. 

I had known he was in shape, but the t-shirt showed off even more of his impressive build. I’d have been happy if he’d left the clothes off. As it stood, I wanted to put my hands all over him. 

My year-long dry spell hadn’t affected me—until now… 🔥

Hi! I'm US and International best-selling author Jade Alters. I was awkard as a child and books were my best friends. That's why with every story, my desire is to create a feel-good escape from reality where love transcends the ordinary, magic is real and connections are deep. This means every tale is a safe harbor: no dark themes, no cheating, and no triggers. Just passion, intrigue and an abundance of heart.