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Safety is but a memory now. 

At the center of the dawning war are two of the most powerful students ever to walk the halls of the Academy. One, a magical prodigy of ancient lineage. The other, a hybrid-gone-rogue they once sought to snuff out. 

Emery Dalshak and Cece Ford hold the fate of all supernaturals in their hands. Much as they hate to admit, they need each other. And yet, in the shadows of this uncertain alliance, a scheme begins to snowball. A broken heart threatens to steer the conflict in a different, and truly treacherous direction. 

To win, against all odds, the girls reach into themselves and rely on each other to uncover powers they never even imagined. 

Friend. Enemy. Lover. Family. In the final hours of the Broken Academy, all supernatural beings will learn the true meaning of each.

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