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Claimed by a Beast Paperback

Claimed by a Beast Paperback

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Too nosy for her own good, Adelaide finds out the hard way, not all clues are meant to be followed...

Being a TSA Agent can have some pretty exciting moments but I never thought that I’d end up being targeted by terrorists. Nobody warned me that my rescuer would be drop-dead gorgeous and even more dangerous than my enemies.

Noah is a Special Forces operative suffering from flashbacks and trying to piece his life back together. And he has a lot of secrets... Including the one that has drawn me to him, body and soul.

Call it fate, lust or whatever you want.

He’s claiming me as his mate.

With all that’s been happening in my life, I’m not sure I can handle it or even want to. But one thing is for sure, he needs my help.

He did save my life after all… the least I can do is return the favor right?

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