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Power of Magic

Power of Magic

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Being the most powerful magician in an ancient line is either gift or a duty bound by blood...

I’m not at the Academy for lessons. Every friendship I form, every romance I pursue, is a move of strategy for the sake of our family name and the new Council.

The Astral from down the hall who a crush on me? It could be useful to have someone who can phase in and out of our Realm on my side.

I need to join a sports team to keep up appearances? Good thing a Sealbreaker Captain has his eye on me.

Mother needs me to track down a runaway Vampire? No problem, but what starts as simple flirtation and trickery begins to blossom into true emotions… can I possibly love all three of them?

All bets are off though when my parents’ power play threatens the life of my only true friend.

I’m Emery Dalshak. Youngest heir of the oldest magical dynasty. My life has never been my own but for Helena, I’m willing to cast everything else aside. So what will it be? My gift or my duty? My life or my family?

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