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Exclusive Special Bear Protectors Paranormal Romance Bundle

Exclusive Special Bear Protectors Paranormal Romance Bundle

Complete Series

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Special Ops bear shifter Jace doesn't date human women. But when Julie's plane is shot down, Jace rushes to her rescue and discovers a burning desire he never expected. White-hot passion ignites amid a raging Alaskan Blizzard!

Meet Julie, a fearless storm-chasing, knife-throwing vixen whose life takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with our mysterious hero. With her sexy-as-hell allure, a knack for bear pun jokes, and a penchant for danger, Julie is a force to be reckoned with.

Enter Jace, a dedicated soldier with a hidden secret. Bound by duty and sworn to a solitary existence, he has no place among humans. But in the middle of a critical mission, he discovers more than he bargained for when Julie unexpectedly becomes entangled in the web of danger.

Their connection is instant and undeniable. From the moment his searing touch ignites her soul, she becomes the only thing he desires. But in a relentless race against time and the bitter cold, survival is paramount.

Can they find a way to outrun their pursuers, or will their love be extinguished in the icy embrace of the bitter cold?


Luke wasn’t ready for love, but his kids and family had other ideas and signed him up with a matchmaker... Will this country boy and his meddling shifter family be too much for Victoria, his all-too-human big-city match?

Hunky and heartbroken, Lucas is the town Sheriff and a volunteer firefighter in the small town of Pine River, Arkansas. He knows his two kids need a mom but he’s reluctant to try his hand at love again. Victoria's everything he never knew he wanted, except she's human!

Strong, successful and independent, Victoria doesn’t need a man but she wants one, an alpha to be exact.

One that can unlock the desires of her heart and her body.

But it turns out that they're both keeping secrets... that threaten to tear them apart...

This ebook Bundle features protective alpha shifters, steamy romance, and lots of action and adventure. If you love riveting storytelling, hunky alpha shifters, and paranormal romance that never quits, then you’ll love this Shifter Paranormal Romance Bundle!

The Special Bear Protectors Collection features: 

  • Hidden shifters
  • Wounded alpha heros
  • Strong heroine
  • Snarky humor
  • Opposites attract
  • Protector
  • Fated mates
  • Fish out of water
  • Single dad
  • Small town
  • Meddling family dynamics

The complete series bundle is only available direct from the author!


Special Forces: Bear ShIfter Mate

♡ Single Dad Matchmate

♡ Claimed by a Beast

♡ Military Matchmate

♡ Alpha's Second Chance

♡ Chosen by the Clan

Look Inside

Snow fell around us as Jace ran, glittery little bits of fluff that melted on contact. With a big storm brewing, that wouldn’t be the case for long. 

I hung on tight as Jace raced through the woods. I kept my face down, buried in his soft fur. His body was warm against mine and with his coat, I wasn’t as cold as I’d expected to be. 

What a shit storm of a day. The beginning started out fine. Talked to my family, ate with my guy friends, flew my plane. 

Then I’d busted up an international spy ring. Stabbed a spy. Crashed my plane. 

And the kicker: rode on a bear shifter. Who was really the hot guy I had a crush on. 

Fun times. 

I’d finally got my wish to see Jace naked and I’d barely had time to appreciate it. First, I’d been so stunned by the gargantuan bear roaming around the cabin to pay attention when he shifted. Then I’d been too busy averting my eyes out of respect when he shifted the second time.

Respect was overrated. 

I turned my head to look behind us. Dimitri and his henchmen wouldn’t give up. They hadn’t spent time setting up this operation only to let it go because a mail carrier caught them. Dimitri, that little shit, had tricked me. For years.

Which was all part of Dimitri’s nefarious plan, according to Jace. He could waltz into our country, work behind a counter, pretend to be a feeble bureaucrat. Then bam! Out of the blue, he transformed into an evil spy—complete with sniper skills — who shot me down. 

Guys like that? They wouldn’t give up. 

They would continue to hunt us until they found us.

Or until Jace found them. 

I was having a hard time letting it sink in that Jace was a bear. I knew spy cells were a reality. I hadn’t known shifters were. Here I was gripping his fur, and it still seemed like a fairy-tale. 

Apparently, the United States military had entire units made up entirely of guys like Jace. People who could shift into animals. 

Unlike the werewolf lore we’d all heard, Jace was entirely himself when he was a bear. He could think, reason, and make tactical decisions. 

He’d saved me from the plane wreckage when he was in his bear form. Mind-boggling didn’t begin to describe it. 

A tiny voice inside my head thought that maybe, just maybe, he might be worth taking a chance on. 

Now is not the time to plot a potential date, Julie. You know nothing about him.

He could turn into a bear. He saved my life. Both of those should count for something...

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