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Mated to Team Shadow

Mated to Team Shadow

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A frantic plea for help and then suddenly, silence. My friend Surma’s gone missing, and my investigation’s landed me in hot water – on a yacht partying with a known criminal in St. Lucia to be more exact.

Cornered with my cover blown, my miraculous escape grew into an even more dangerous situation. I’ve been kidnapped by four guys running from pirates, as if that’s even a thing now? 

Forced to take refuge, the tables have turned. I’m not sure if they’re my captors or my saviors. 

There’s Ryker the Chief, Gunner, his second in command, Kane the medic and Damon the comms officer, Elite Navy SEALS but that’s not all they are… and the truth might be more than I can handle.

All I know is each of them wants me, and amazingly, I want all of them. There’s no time for confusion however. To survive, we’ve got to stick together. I’m just not sure what that means.

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