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Mated to the Pack

Mated to the Pack

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She's never been this attracted to anyone, never mind four at once...
Call it nature. Call it instinct.
Whatever it is, this pack has found its mate.

The only question is whether Viv can handle being mated to all of them...

Vivian’s Aunt's suddenly dies, leaving her the glorious old run down mansion she grew up playing in, along with a mountain of bills.

It’s bittersweet; Viv would love to keep the house but she can’t afford the repairs and she would sell it, but there’s no one willing to buy.

Suddenly, four hot and handsome mysterious strangers show up to save the day. She's never been this attracted to anyone before, never mind four at once.

They’ve got more secrets than she can handle though, the biggest of which might be why she’s finding herself drawn to each of them.

They're willing to risk anything...
To keep her for the pack.

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