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Mermaid's Call

Mermaid's Call

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The last mermaid of the Mississippi, Ondine casts her reservations aside, and makes for the shore, determined to find true love. Instead, she ends up languishing – in Arla and Axel’s pool!

A flabbergasted fish out of water, Ondine is distracted by shiny trinkets, colorful cocktails and foreign contraptions. She needs a plan to find her soulmate before time runs out. Fortunately for her, the Order of Magickal Affairs has decreed powerful unions must be arranged for the good of the supernatural population. And what world couldn’t use more mermaids?

Dash signed away his soul years ago, a trade that also left him empty and cold. Meeting Ondine awakens in him a new zest for life, but his agreement means he’s unable to give her the one thing she desperately seeks.

When Dash’s chance for redemption is revealed, will the pounding waves of their passion be enough to survive the dangerous waters of the underworld? Or will Dash and Ondine’s love be swept away by the current?

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