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Phoenix Found

Phoenix Found

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No greater bond exists than the love between fated mates, but what if your heart is already belongs to someone else?

Still heartbroken after four hundred years, 
Dane’s forsaken all vows except one, to the Phoenix Guild in the unlikely scenario another of their kind is discovered.

Reluctantly called upon to fulfill his duty, Dane comes face-to-face with a passion so great, he’d sacrifice an eternal penance for one moment of its sweet surrender. Yet even the pull of a fated mate, can’t erase the feeling of betrayal in his soul. Determined to train the newfound phoenix and move on, Dane rejects Destiny and denies she’s his mate.

Destiny, learning to fly is harder than learning to trust – not just in others but in herself. Especially when her instructor happens to be the grumpiest, sexiest, most-infuriating person she’s ever laid eyes on. For all of his phoenix wisdom, Dane desperately lacks the basic knowledge of how to be human. Even if she could get over her reservations about him, she knows surrendering to her feelings is a guaranteed way of getting burned…

Will Dane and Destiny’s stubborn denial of their feelings stand in the way of true love?

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