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Power of Blood

Power of Blood

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Blood can be shared or it can be spilled. All in the name of family.

I’ve never been too keen on solving the mystery of my biological parents. After all, who abandons a baby with enough power to bring the realm to a scorching end? 

Tensions among the allied Kyrie races mount, each with their own agenda: the Vampires plot for an endless blood supply, the Fey yearn to bring their realm to earth, and the Magicians demand a return to rule and the old ways. It’s the Kyrie vs the Academy and shifting allegiances is the name of the game.

On top of it all, three lovers should be enough for anyone, but the Dragonlord insists a fourth vampire consort may be valuable to our cause. Sacrifices must be made after all, right? 

Amidst the uncertainty, an ancient enemy lurks and our magical mishap just opened the door…

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