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Protected by the Pack

Protected by the Pack

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I took this assignment in Afghanistan to prove my wretched, disconnected father wrong but an unexpected ambush has us on the run. The cold, dark nights aren’t so bad though. Not when I’m under the close protection of four strong, hot Green Berets. 

They’re true alpha males, ready to put themselves in danger for me.

As the days pass, I find myself more and more attracted to each of them. I want to melt in their muscular arms as they hold me close. I want to feel their lips against mine as we ignore the chaos around us.

But I can’t…. Because everybody has secrets, especially me, and mine followed me out here; their roots are deeper than I could have ever imagined. Out here in the wilderness, anything is possible – and nothing is off-limits. 

As the danger mounts all around us, I’m forced to ask myself: who can I trust? 

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