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Psychic's Temptation

Psychic's Temptation

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Silas’ ordinary life selling crawfish suited him just fine until one day, a strange psychic accosts him on the street, a huge fire mysteriously breaks out at his office and he finds himself spending the day at a funeral parlor, very much against his will.

Suddenly, Silas’ life is taken over by Arla and Zona Alcaraz, two strange sisters who insist they’re witches and magick is quite real.

Now, he’s contending with allegations of violating magickal law, haunted spirits and a curse that’s followed him from beyond the grave.

To complicate matters, Silas is strangely drawn to Miranda, the very same psychic who practically attacked him in broad daylight. Granted, he didn’t mind her body pressed against his, but she’s got a whole host of her own problems, personal and magickal.

When curiosity turns to passion, can Miranda and Silas find a way to rewrite the stars? Or will history repeat itself?

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