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Reaper's Mark

Reaper's Mark

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Killing the only man you’ve ever loved is no easy task…

Axel Lacroix is a lot of things—none of them approved by the Office of Magical Affairs, but he could care less. He’s easy on the eyes, irresistible, and loves causing a little ruckus now and then. When his meddling threatens to upset the very balance of the natural and supernatural world alike however, Arla’s tasked with carrying out a more 
permanent solution.

Heading off to deliver Axel’s final sentence, Arla couldn’t be happier to rid New Orleans of the constant troubles he’s caused for good. Her plan seemed foolproof enough, but little does she know Axel would ignite desires she never even knew she had…

Will Arla prevent a supernatural war from erupting and keep a broken heart at bay, or will their undeniable attraction spell disaster for them?

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