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Special Forces Bear Shifter Mate Paperback

Special Forces Bear Shifter Mate Paperback

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He lives his life by 3 rules. For her, he breaks all of them...

Special Ops bear shifter Jace doesn't date human women. But when Julie's plane is shot down, Jace rushes to her rescue and discovers a burning desire he never expected. White-hot passion ignites amid a raging Alaskan Blizzard!

Meet Julie, a fearless storm-chasing, knife-throwing vixen whose life takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with our mysterious hero. With her sexy-as-hell allure, a knack for bear pun jokes, and a penchant for danger, Julie is a force to be reckoned with.

Enter Jace, a dedicated soldier with a hidden secret. Bound by duty and sworn to a solitary existence, he has no place among humans. But in the middle of a critical mission, he discovers more than he bargained for when Julie unexpectedly becomes entangled in the web of danger.

Their connection is instant and undeniable. From the moment his searing touch ignites her soul, she becomes the only thing he desires. But in a relentless race against time and the bitter cold, survival is paramount.

Can they find a way to outrun their pursuers, or will their love be extinguished in the icy embrace of the bitter cold?

Discover what happens when Jace and the other undercover shifters in his unit find their fated mates... And the lengths they'll go to claim them... in the Special Bear Protectors Collection.

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