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The Sharing Spell

The Sharing Spell

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Can an anti-love spell bring you LOVE times four?! Turns out there’s more to magic than what you can find in a book. 

Which I knew of course, I’m not that much of an idiot but I did have my mother’s grimoire guiding me, after all. I just didn’t count on things going so disastrously wrong.

Who knew one teeny mixup would bring all of the weirdos out of the woodwork? Looking on the bright side however, the police detail they’ve assigned me almost makes up for all the creepy stalkers. Four unbelievably hot officers that are all attracted to me. It has to be the spell at work, right? 

Unfortunately this isn’t the part where they protect me and we live happily ever after. 

Magic has its own rules and it seems I’ve broken them. I’ve just been told I’ve got 24 hours left to live.

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