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Ultimate Reverse Harem Shifter Romance Bundle

Ultimate Reverse Harem Shifter Romance Bundle

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Escape reality with 10 bewitching reverse harem shifter romances and dive into a world with passion that is ALL about HER, no m/m.  NOW 50% OFF for a Limited Time during our Holiday Sale!

Love growly protective Alpha Heroes? Lots of hot protective shifters in EVERY book! 

⭐  "I think I have found me another favorite author. This book is absolutely fabulous. I started reading it and read it straight through in one sitting. So wonderful. So romantic. The four men could be so hilarious at times, and so serious at others."

⭐  "Lots of action and a great love story. Sometimes four is better than one, LoL. Starts off with a bang and kept me interested the entire book." 

I couldn’t get Vivian out of my head, so I was more than happy to obey Lucius’ directive to pull intel on her. Every picture I yanked off the internet only affirmed to me how beautiful she was. Heck, even as a teenager she was adorable, and though vaguely aware I was in deep, I didn’t care. Life, as Lucius would say, was too freaking short to sweat the small stuff.

It’d been too damn long since I’d been interested in any woman, and unlike the rest the team I wasn’t into anonymous hookups. Call it the way I was made. Orphaned at birth, I was adopted by a human family but I always had the sense I was different. I didn’t look like the rest of the family or act like any of them, and we had too many arguments over stupid stuff. I was too wild, too argumentative, and chaffed under familial restrictions that made no sense to me.

It wasn’t their fault, and it wasn’t mine, but I grew up from the outside looking in, trying to conform and failed miserably. It made dating torturous - feeling the odd man out and not sure of yourself. I was more shy and awkward than anyone else and found solace in all things electronic. It did not make me date bait.

Vivian was a binge all her own, and I didn’t understand why. My wolf thrashed within me, and that bastard was the reason I couldn’t talk like a decent person to my pack mates. Looking at pictures of her made my blood run hotter than motor oil in a car, and I wanted nothing more than to get next to her. My wolf, who normally wasn’t the most articulate animal kept whispering mine, mine, mine in a maddening loop and there was nothing I can do to shut him up.

It was a curious disconnect to think of my wolf as different from me. He wasn’t. The wolf was me, buried deep, and from him, I got my strength of body and will. As much as I wanted to pretend I’m human, the wildness of the beast drove me, and in thinking of Vivian, he was nearly ungovernable.

Mine, my wolf said again and a vision flashed through my head of me, Vivian, and children. This is what he wanted, what I wanted—a mate to call my own, and the wolf inside tells me Vivian is it, my mate.

All I had to do was claim her.

Keep on reading if you love:

  • Hidden shifters
  • Military alpha heroes
  • Strong heroines
  • Snarky humor
  • Opposites attract
  • Protector
  • Wounded hero
  • Fated mates
  • Fish out of water
  • Supernatural powers

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I couldn't put the book down; even read straight through my lunches over the past 2 days."

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