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Vampire's Desire

Vampire's Desire

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Fatal attraction has a whole different meaning when a vampire’s involved…

Beautiful and seductive, Zona's never lacked for amorous affection, but she's always felt overshadowed by her more serious and talented older sister, Arla. So when the opportunity presents itself to prove she’s more than just a pretty face, even when that opportunity comes with fangs and a killer reputation, Zona jumps at the chance.

Cruel and incredibly vain, Leontel's a vampire whose whose crimes against humanity are widely known. Every bone in Zona's body says to stay away, but that proves impossible since he's taken her as his prisoner.

Zona tells herself she's accepting Leontel's passionate advances as an ends-to-a-means, nothing more...

But can Zona help her sister prevent the deadly Mori mirror from falling into the wrong hands before she becomes a victim of fatal attraction?

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